Albert A. Ables, PEE
Chapter President

Benjardi N. Wong, PEE
VP-Internal Affairs

Edgar B. Bernardino, PEE
VP-External Affairs

Alexander B. Briones, PEE
VP-Technical Affairs


Arnulfo D. Surigao, REE

Christopher N. Pino, PEE

Amado B. Taduran, REE


Arlene O. Aguilar, REE
Asst. Secretary

Telesforo S. Espinosa Jr., PEE
Asst. Treasurer

Christopher M. Cadiente, PEE
Asst. Auditor

Floriano B. Kempis, PEE
Public Relations Officer

Sammy E. Dumaya, PEE
Business Manager

Joel T. Aceron, REE
Exec. Secretary


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